The Haunted Walking Tour of Easton began in 2004 as a part of Proud Rennaisance in Downtown Easton's 14th Annual Scarecrow Festival: who's mission was to build new traditions of rural fun in an urban environment, to install a sense of community in Easton residents and to promote tourism in Downtown Easton. Pat Eibes-Porter gathered a group of friends, mostly Easton merchants, that just love Halloween and Easton history. The proceeds of this volunteer led effort would be donated.

Alicia Rambo-Wozniak, Rob Wozniak, Larry Porter, Andrew & Arthur Skrzenski and Elizabeth Judge Wyant joined Pat and decided to produce a tour with stories from Easton's sordid past. It was to be something different; not just a narrated tour, but one that had scenes that were to be acted out. The Haunted Walking Tour was born!

Here are just FEW of the fine folks that have volunteered over the years.

Pat Eibes-Porter, Alicia Rambo-Wozniak, Rob Wozniak, Larry Porter, Andrew Skrzenski, Arthur Skrzenski, Elizabeth Judge Wyant, Alice Kwiatowsaki, Anthony Marraccini, Mark Wyant, Darrin Volk & daughter, Birgit Amundsen, Troy Reynard, David Rose, Vince Bruneo, Lydia Bruneo, Sven Franz, Lee Rogers, Nancy & crew, Paul Luongo, Colleen Luongo, Dave, Christina Geoegiou, Tina Wolverton, Wayne Wolverton, Richard & Ginni Hope, Noelle Stirner, Lyndsey Woodruff, Kelly & Mike Prentice, Todd McPeek, Scott Slingerline, Pat Burton & ?, Sydney Day & Sarah, Melissa & Bob Rabinsky, Ginni & Larry Truglio, April Micci & ?, Noel Jones, and many, many others!


Haunted Easton Board:

Lizzie Borden, Putrid Paul (hanging), Dangerous Darrin, Bad Andy, Noxious Noelle

All photos provided by Elizabeth Judge Wyant


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